Slope Soaring with NIMSA

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Feb 252009

b52a2John Pearson from the Dungannon club joined the NIMSA pilots on Sunday for a day on the slopes in the Antrim hills. John test flew his new PSS B52, an all balsa construction build from the RM Green plans. With a wing span of nearly 80″ and an AUW of only 6LBs, the model performed well in the 15MPH winds, with a total flight time of 25mins due to the lost of lift and wind change. According to John,  “the model is a joy to fly, very smooth and looks great in the air, however,this model is only a test bed to see if the design performs well, next a B52 twice the size will be build from mainly foam and balsa for next seasons slope soaring based on this design. ” If you would like any more information on slope soaring in Northen Ireland, go to  for all the latest info on gliding.

The B52 in action

The B52 in action

Indoor flying

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Feb 242009

Indoor flying has a real home at Dungannon MFC. History of indoor stretches back a long time and this section is very close to my heart. I will try not to bore you with F3P flying and hope George, Donald, Harry and Chris can add to this section . Continue reading »

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Scale and semi scale

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Feb 242009

We are hoping that a few of the scale members can use this section. The format is not about percision scale planes but scale and semi scale in general. The NIA have now a new scale section and this is going to produce scale fun fly-ins for us all . Some pictures and articles from our members please !  

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Were we hide in the winter evenings

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Feb 242009

This is the section from our old web site that gives us a insight into were we build and assemble our aircraft . Missing from this section is quite a few of our members ! Please forward a picture for us to update this very interesting section .     Continue reading »


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Feb 232009

We will try and bring a few videos to the New Web site . Now you can watch great videos as all the boring work goes on behind the scenes .

Or you can have a look at all the the other things that went on in the past. Which is another way of saying: ‘got any pics gov?

Please send them by CD/email/memstick to your Webmaster.

Ok, sales pitch over, go have a look then. Video’s are surprisingly located under the link Video’s

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Day out at Ballymoney model flying club

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Feb 232009
Low knife edge pass by this stunning Yak 55

Low knife edge pass by this stunning Yak 54

I was very pleased to be invited to Ballymoney MF club on the 23rd Feb. Weather was partly sunny and the wind was blowing around 20mph so as you can guess the  lighter planes struggled in the winds. This was a great chance for me to fly the IMAC schedule for the up coming Northern Ireland Area Aerobatic Competition , again this year the first round will be hoisted by Ballymoney MFC. Please do not forget training days are being held at our own club (Dungannon) First date ; Saturday 21st March, Second date ; Saturday 4th April. more details here Now back to my visit , As always there was a good turn out of pilots and planes flying on the day . Young Matthew has forwarded me a few pictures for you all to view , Thanks Matthew . Special thanks to the Ballymoney Club membrs for making me feel so at home . Hope to visit you all soon .

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Hello Dungannon..

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Feb 162009

Hello Dungannon MFC  😉 If you are a clubmember and would like to start blogging here, can you please send Richard an email so that he can add your details? It would also be great if you can find pictures for the header. Image size is approx 920 by 220 pixels. If you don’t have software to chop them, send them anyway, we’ll do the chopping.  (Examples are on the Banbridge website.) All the news and comments and webstuff goes to: (your temporary webmaster Kees Blokland)

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