Finding That missing battery

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Jul 242009

Club member John was out at the field flying his electric wing when pop went the battery . Not pop as in explode but as in dislodged its self from the wing. We searched the long grass but to no avail. The Flightpower battery was well and truly lost. This brought back memories of the time Harry Reid and myself had a mid air over a field at Eskragh Lough. Poor Harry also lost his battery, sorry Harry!  Anyway good old John never gave up and returned last night with a friend and a metal detector, though and behold after 10minutes the battery pack was back in the wing and John resumed his flight even though it was 2 days later. While searching John recovered 6 glow plug! some engine parts! a few pits of exhausts! nuts! bolts! and  push rod connectors. Our field has some hidden treasures , I wonder who all the bits belong too !

Moral of the story is attach your battery properly or befriend some one with a metal detector !

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The Dangers of Paragliding !

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Jul 212009

If you have a  queasy tummy do not watch this video as it involves a crash !

[media id=45]

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New Model Shop , Icarus Models Bangor

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Jul 022009

Northern Ireland has a new model shop !

Icarus Models is located 

127 High Street, Bangor, BT20 5BD

 If any member who is off to the beautiful Co.Down Town of Bangor call in and give them a visit.

I have added the shops web site to shops, you can also order via Internet.

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Craigavon Model Aircraft Club Fly In

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Jul 022009

On Saturday 25th July 2009  C.M.A.C. will be holding a fly-in at their Cranny Road flying site, weather permitting.

Flying will be from 11am onwards with a BBQ and a few beer later in the evening.

Open to all  CMAC club members, members of different clubs / general public  as long as  the following stipulations are adhered to:

  • Current BMFA Insurance must be shown before flying – non CMAC
  • The site safety rules must be followed
  • Flying of the peg
  • Open to planes / helicopters / Power Gliders – basically if it can fly bring it along
  • Enjoy the day & have fun!

Non club members will be charged £5 for the days flying

Why not come along,  do some flying, enjoy our flying site, have a laugh and enjoy the company of our club while having a beer (if that’s your thing) & a burger….

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