Splash-in at Eskragh Lough 12th-13th September

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Aug 212009

Eskragh Lough Fly-in

Dungannon MFC extends an open invitation to everyone to come enjoy a weekend of fun flying at the clubs water flying site Eskragh Lough.

Insurance proof required  

Camping and caravan facilities are available.

Eskragh Lough is well sign posted from the A4 and A29 roads.

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Slope Soaring at Moneymore

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Aug 052009
John flying in the evening light

John flying in the evening light











Richard and I took
a trip to the mountains at Moneymore for a spot of slope soaring the other evening, The wind was blowing approx, 15 – 20 mph  onto the west slope ‘I think ?’ being the first time flying from this site. The lift was good, with a little rough air in places, as I found out, the hard way, with a long walk down the slope to collect one of my models after flying  into a low lift area. Richard was flying one of his new designs, a small tail less glider (no name for the model yet, I call it ‘the hawk’ because it looks like a bird of prey in the air), however, the model flew fantastic over the slopes, very aerobatic with a good speed range, just add more weight to go faster in strong winds.
I had two models to fly, my trusted DR1000, a great flying scale  glider that will fly in winds from 6mph to 40 mph. The other model was a MIG 29 PSS glider converted from an EDF design from the Fly Fly hobbies range. The jet flew well in the strong lift areas, however I did have a few problems getting the model back onto the slope on a couple of occasions due to poor control on the turns (the control surfaces need to be made large with greater throws), hence two long walks to the bottom of the slope.
Over all we had a great evenings craic on the slopes, with some fantastic flying till the sun dropped behind the mountains, giving the sky a golden glow, what better way to end the day.

For more photos click here

Saturday evening on the slope pictures HERE


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