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Eric Brown is the guilty man for introducing this beautiful glider to Millars field. Now Reggie has followed suit and made a trip up to Bills Hobbies and purchased another DG1000 power pod Glider. Bill sells this kit as a complete set so all Reggie had to do was a quick assembly and add a battery and Spektrum RX. The Glider is moulded EPP (EPO) and servos are Robbe and are included and installed for you. The motor and speed controller is also included in the kit and it has fantastic power to pull the DG up! up! and away. Reggie searched for the right size of battery that fitted into the canopy plus give the correct CG, in the end Reggie opted for a the all New Flightpower EONX – Lite 1300mah 3 cell pack . Flight times are 30 min plus  !DSC02277

What is so amazing about the power pod is that when power is applied through your throttle stick the power pod pops up from the fus and when you throttle off it retracts, some cool mechinics are applied to get this system working. How does it fly , well it is fantastic and Reggie and Eric are 2 happy men.

Bill has some still in- stock so give him a call before they are all sold out.

Test flight pictures

Mr. Reggie is one happy man

Happy !

Happy !



Full Report 

If you fancy something that is truely unique and stylish then the ST Models DG1000 could be the model for you.

Based on the classic DG1000 glider, this gorgeous model is accurately moulded in impact resistant EPP moulded  foam, even those sexy wing tips! The wings are removable for easy transport by just releasing one screw and are re-inforced with carbon tube to ensure rigidity and strength. The aileron servos are pre-installed, as are the servo extension leads and each aileron hinge is formed by the EPP foam for best efficiency.

The fuselage is also moulded in EPP foam with carbon fibre re-inforcement and the elevator and rudder pushrods pre-installed and connected to their respective servos. Just bolt on the tail and the assembly is done!

Now we come to the clever bit! Not only do you get a powerful, 1500kv, outrunner brushless motor, propeller and ESC as standard, you get a unique motor retraction system to fold it away into the fuselage. That system is servo driven and cleverly controlled by a special mixer unit (supplied). Closing the throttle stops the propeller and motor before fully retracting and closing the doors. This all operates from the throttle stick alone. Just nudge the throttle open again and the motor swings up before operating. If you use the optional switched channel, you can opt top keep the motor out and just control the throttle as normal. When the motor is away, the model becomes highly efficient and will stay aloft in minimal lift conditions.

Just fit a Flightpower EON-LITE 3S 1300mah Li-Po battery plus receiver of your choice and you’re ready to go. The power is sufficient for a pretty rapid ascent and you will get many climbs from one charge.

From opening the box to going flying will take less than one hour!

Servos: 4 x Micro, 1 x Std.Hi-Tq (all included)
Radio System: 4/5 Channel required
Electric Motor: Brushless Outrunner (included) 1500kv
S/C Rec: Brushless 18A (included)
LiPo: 1300 Flightpower EONX-Lite 3cell
Wing Loading: 36.2 g/dm2
Wing Area: 27.6dm2 (427.8Sq.in)
Length: 970mm (38.2mm)
Wingspan: 2010mm (79.1in)
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