NI Area Open Thermal Champs 8th Aug 2010

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Aug 122010

Both Reggie and Richard Boyd flew in the Area Thermal Championships, in Richards words ” it was a fantasic days flying ”

This was our first time to fly of a winch and it was extremely exciting.

 We got of to a great start but had a few poblems in the second round hence the lower placing.

Roll on next year , beware Andrew and Sam.

A massive thanks to Bill Scott and the Nimsa members for helping us and giving us both tips on how to get the best from our planes.

We also have to thank Andrew Wallace for the lend of his gliders for the event.

Andrew aint getting them back !  

Full Nimsa report and pictures can be seen HERE  

Congratulation to Northern Ireland Pilots

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Sep 012009

 A big well done to Northern Ireland Pilots that flew at the Nationals over the weekend.

Matthew Potts finished 1st in Freestyle and second in IMAC -Unlimited

Simon McNeill finished 2nd in Freestyle and 3rd in IMAC -Unlimited

Shaun Scullion finished 3rd in IMAC -Intermediate

David Drummond won the IMAC- Sportsman Class

Ian and Chris Robb flew in the show line as did Peter Carson. They did a great job in entertaining the crowd and also participating in the Top Gun Trophy.

Congratulations to all the pilots.

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NIAA Aerobatics Round One 2009 at Ballymoney

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Apr 262009

The first round of the NIAA Aerobatics took place on Sunday 26th April at the wonderful Ballymoney Model Flying Club. The morning started early for my dad and I, we set of at 7.30am along with David Nolan, as we drove up the M2 it started to brighten up and looked better further north. We picked up a lost Dutch man on the way so had ourselves a convey, breaker breaker rubber duck and all that, arriving on site at 9am. A good few people were there already and the marquee was up and our lunch was being prepared.

The rest of the story is on AerobatcisNI.

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