What our Dutch friends fly !

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Mar 302009

This is a video of Jan Bruinier flying his New Airworld SU-31 powered by a massive Moki 250cc petrol engine. The sound of this engine is unbelievable .

Download the video HERE

Also we have a new video for the Jet men in the club .

This is Roland Scheurwater flying his Scorpion fitted with a new AMT Olympus 23Kg thrust turbine .

Download the video HERE

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Feb 232009

We will try and bring a few videos to the New Web site . Now you can watch great videos as all the boring work goes on behind the scenes .

Or you can have a look at all the the other things that went on in the past. Which is another way of saying: ‘got any pics gov?

Please send them by CD/email/memstick to your Webmaster.

Ok, sales pitch over, go have a look then. Video’s are surprisingly located under the link Video’s

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